Restaurants – Where to eat

Restaurants – Where to eat

Book your table and eat the delicious foods from Best Restaurants in BOISE

Located in Southern Idaho, the capital city of Boise is home to many wonderful restaurants. The entire BOISE is famous for having some of the most flavourful cuisine on the planet. Here are some details about restaurants and their delicious foods—

From the chain restaurants such as Red Robin, which specializes in burgers; Cracker Barrel, which features down home cooking; and Cheesecake Factory, an upscale restaurant which is known for its amazing cheesecakes; to the hometown specialties such as Big Judas and Rockies’ Diner, Boise offers whatever food your palate craves.

If you are looking for American style food Content goes here , consider Big Judas, which is known for its 1 and 2 lb. burgers and its homemade fries made with none other than Idaho potatoes, or maybe the upscale Bard nay which makes its own spirits and serves Mediterranean dishes. It is also known for its oyster fry and Rum Pepper Steak. For American fare with a French twist, consider Richard’s Restaurant where you can enjoy modern French dishes and desserts.

For that seafood craving enjoy the seafood at Murphy’s Seafood Bar and Grill. If you are visiting Boise with your family, consider Rockies’ Diner where you will be served by girls on roller skates and entertained with live music as you enjoy the authentic 50’s diner.

For delicious Mexican food, consider Corona Village, Chapala’s, and La Tapatia for Mexican food in the traditional style. For something a little more unique visit the Pollo Rey Mexican Rotisserie where you can enjoy grilled quesadillas and chicken as well as many vegetarian dishes. For a more upscale Mexican eating experience, enjoy the Cafe Ole Mexican Restaurant and Cantina where you can enjoy one of their many varieties of margaritas.

If your palate is craving the spices of Asia, you may want to consider the Siam Thai Restaurant, which is the only Thai restaurant in Boise, or you may also enjoy the Twin Dragon where you can have your authentic Chinese meal made to order.

For something more exotic try the Greek food at Cazba Greek Mediterranean, or the Cajun food at Chef Roland’s Cajun Cuisine.