Shopping in Boise

Shopping in Boise

There are many fun places in Boise, Idaho for visitors to shop in. These places have the latest in fashions, lots of souvenirs, and a great selection of local artwork. As a result, visitors could spend a wonderful weekend shopping at Boise-area shops.

Here’s a brief look at some of the shopping attractions that make Boise, Idaho a surprisingly fun place to shop at.

Boise’s main shopping regions are located in the downtown area and within five miles of the downtown area.

Boise’s downtown shopping districts are split into “modern and “old-fashioned” shopping areas. The modern areas feature the latest fashions, hip accessories, and fantastic jewellery items. These “modern” shopping areas are located along West Myrtle Street, and Main Street. These streets are very close to I-184 and the Idaho state capitol building. As a result, it’s easy to ride the bus or even walk to the modern districts’ stores and boutique.

The “old-fashioned” shopping districts are generally located along West Main Street, North 8th Street, and West Jefferson Street. These districts feature most of the area’s art galleries and contemporary souvenir shops. Shoppers can explore these areas easily by devoting one day to each of the districts that are located on each street. This makes it easier to use the area’s buses that go through the area. It also makes it easier to carry back all of the things you’ve purchased!

Try to also visit the shops along West Grove Street.
There are many smaller Mom and Pop shops along West Grove Street. These places are very close to the downtown area and they usually sell T-shirts and other souvenirs for less than what you’d pay at the more posh stores.

Finally, don’t forget to also spend a day at Boise’s major shopping mall.
It’s called the Boise Towne Square Mall and it’s only a few minutes away from the downtown area. This mall is one of the biggest malls in the region. It features an interesting mix of newer stores and old favourites. It also has a great food court that is a fun place to relax in after all of the shopping you’ve done. As a result, don’t forget to spend a day there to see what you can find!